Surrey Street Market

Serving Croydon since 1271 AD


Located in the Heart of Old Town Croydon, Surrey Street Market is a popular six day market with a variate of stalls selling a range or produce and products including Fruit and Veg, Fashion accessories, Cheese and Dairy products, street food, home-made cakes & much more.

The Community of stall traders, local retailers and shoppers add to the feel and atmosphere of Surrey Street. Some of the traders come from generations of the same family who have had a stall in the market for hundreds of years. Continue reading “Surrey Street Market”

Croydon Arts, Craft and Vintage Fair

Supporting new & Existing Enterprises trading in Arts, Crafts and Vintage

About Our Monthly Fair

The Old Town Croydon Portas Team in partnership with Green Croydon (A Local Social Enterprise) hold the Croydon Arts, Craft and Vintage Fair which takes place every second Saturday of each Month from April to December.

The monthly event takes place next to the historic Pump House in Exchange Square which is just off Surrey Street. The Square is a large area which was first opened up around six years ago and as part of the Town Team’s vision is to support meanwhile use in the area. Continue reading “Croydon Arts, Craft and Vintage Fair”


Old town Croydon is rich in history and played its part in the growth of the Town throughout the Centuries . As we progress with this website, we will build up more information on the historical points within our area.

Croydon Minster

Croydon Minster is dedicated to dedicated to St John the Baptist. There has been a church here from 960AD but some records suggest a religious community around this site as far back as 809AD. The Doomsday book 1086AD. Croydon is already a town as it had a population of around 300 people.

In 1867, the church suffered a major fire which destroyed all but the outside walls and the tower. In 1890, the church was reconsecrated which after being re-designed, still had some of the old monuments saved from the existing church. Continue reading “History”